Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walking Around Not On

There was no darkness, light, tunnel, flying, or dead relatives visiting and then, I was awake. Actually, it was more a shift of awareness minus any working memory or emotion. I merely was.

I climbed out of the car as if I had only parked it and started walking toward the road. 30 yards away, the young man, Jay, stood on the other side of the rural highway. Late afternoon shadows cuddled and spooned roadside pines and cedars.
Jay, still holding his fishing gear, looked eastward and began waving the arm holding his pole. I stood on the road’s shoulder across from Jay and a state trooper, heading west, slowed to a stop. Jay ran past me as if I wasn’t there and motioned to the officer to follow. The car’s rooftop bubble flashed red, the most brilliant color red I’d ever seen. The cop got off his radio, grabbed an emergency medical pack, and jogged after Jay.

“I’m coming kid!” yelled the officer.

I followed the policeman back into the woods feeling no compulsion to do so. It just seemed right to do. At the mashed up car, the officer stopped and looked all around. Jay was gone.

Looking over the trooper’s shoulder, I watched him check for a pulse on the body in the driver’s seat. Acknowledging it was me, well, my soul’s-suitcase me, I remained void of emotion. Pulling a small stereo-like device from the kit, the officer ripped my shirt open and used a defibrillator on me. Observer and spirit-me vanished.

Back in my body, I dreamed of standing at the mouth of a small cave in the side of a tall wall of rock. I recognized the rock’s face as one seen while Brook Trout fishing on a tributary in the Keweenaw. Carrying a battery operated lantern, I entered the cave which descended quickly. Barely big enough for me to walk in, the cave was long, deep, and increasingly colder. 

At last, the cave ended at what I call a lair. The size of my home’s master bedroom, the area looked more like a temporary hiding place than dwelling. My lantern’s light, dimming and flickering, forewarned the ultimate death of its batteries. I thought I saw a shotgun and other items lined against the wall.
Darkness grabbed me firmly by the shoulders and I performed CPR on the light by smacking it repeatedly. It was no use; the lantern died a good servant’s death.

More curious than afraid, I calmly took in the experience. Damp cool air snuggled against my face and entered my lungs. In the brief moment before its conversion to an exhalation, it whispered ancient secrets to me. The womb and tomb of rock, timeless and infinitely wise, drew near me and spoke.

“It’s time my son. Receive spirit life and prepare to go forth.

A tiny piece of sand, holding brilliant rainbow light captive, floated before me at waist height. It moved clockwise in a circle about 5 feet in diameter. With each orbital pass, it increased in size and shape. After circling 7 times, it stopped. 

Multifaceted and crystalline, an oblong object filled with swirling spectral light, rotated slowly while hovering. About a foot long, it resembled a grain of wild rice which conveyed mass and gravity far disproportionate to how weightless it seemed. There appeared to be miniature humans and mythical creatures encased in the crystal just beneath the surface of each facet. Each one bore a vague but distinctive image of me.

Music emanated from it. Sounding like thousands of voices and stringed instruments harmonizing, it was continuous. Only changing pitch and volume, layered waves of complex tones formed a seamless movement. Intense vibrations, penetrating me thoroughly and providing a sense of warmth, stopped suddenly and with it, the music as well.

The crystal started spinning faster and faster until it changed into a sphere modeled after earth. I backed away when it slowly expanded and almost filled the cave. The large globe slowed to a stop. Prism light and red clay dust spewed from its north axis. An eagle, materializing from the luminescent cloud, stood atop. It screeched four times and the overwhelming sound drove me prostrate to the ground.

Eyes closed, I listened and heard only one word spoken as a command.


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