Saturday, June 13, 2015

Facing Death’s Faces

Part One
I remember being slightly conscious at one point and managing to open my car door. I wanted to get to the road for help but felt as if someone was deliberately restraining me. Too out of it to realize it was my seat belt, I yelled at my captor to release me and blacked out.

“Hey mister, don’t move.”

Hearing those words brought me to semi awareness and I forced myself to stay conscious. My entire body was in agonizing pain at first but slowly turned to numbness. Blood loss will do that.

“I’ll get help,” said a young native boy holding a fishing pole and tackle box. He looked to be about 13 and very familiar. It was the kid that was running across the highway but resembled someone from long ago.

He went to the passenger side of the mangled car and leaned carefully through the partly glassless door. Finding my cell phone on the floor, he backed out, came back into my line of sight, and puzzled over the device. He pushed at the buttons on the side and got it from sleep mode.

Moaning, I managed a few words. “Tap the little picture of the phone…groan…and tap 911, send.”

There was a slight chance a cell tower was close enough to boost a signal but doubtful.

“I got it, Migizi. Now what?” the boy asked and dropped the phone to the ground.

Shocking me by use of my name, I was jarred to greater mental focus. I peered at him through pain hazed eyes seeking recognition. 

“What…is your…name?” I asked between gasps.

“Jay Still Water. You can’t remember? That’s okay, you will. I gotta go now.”

“Wait, Jay is it? Please, I…”  

He picked up rod and tackle, then, walked toward the road while my vision funneled light down to a speck.
I was dying and it aggravated me that the so-called tunnel to heaven was closing. “Must everything fight and resist me?” I wondered.

Too dead to care or resist, I surrendered to the transition of whatever awaited me. 

What of Clay’s Lord? Shouldn’t he be involved in this deal, yay or nay, regarding the case labeled Migizi?” I wondered.

 Feeling shock’s icy fingers around my neck, it squeezed the remaining blood from me. I tried to keep my eyes open a bit longer as if waiting to see something, anything, which might offer a sense of peace. Even resigned, I felt anxious. 

Nothing appeared and nothing came. I closed my eyes, stopped breathing, and ZING!!

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