Monday, June 22, 2015

Air Born

My upper and lower eye lids, like quarreling lovers, put a bit of distance between them and allowed evening sunlight to referee their spat. A rumbling roar vibrated against my back and reminded me of my heated massage recliner at home. If only.
“Take it easy sir,” said a uniformed young woman as she leaned over my face. “You’ve crashed on me two times already. We’re a person short today so please cut me some slack,” she said smiling. “You are in a helicopter being flown to a hospital.”

Crash, that’s about all I’d been doing for the last 5 days, figuratively and literally. I thought crunching head-on into a tree with the car was as a personal best. No, I topped it by having my heart stop a couple times while trapped in the wreckage and twice more while airborne.

Three bags of fluid pole-danced about on chromed steel tubing like strippers. Watery nectar and purplish-red blood found their way into my injured body through winding trails of plastic tubes and vein-deep needles. 

My pants felt like they were inflating with air and the vise-like pressure made my right leg howl. I grabbed at it with my hand while trying to raise my head and look. My attention shifted when I saw people sitting around me. My eyes opened wide at the sight.

“No you don’t,” said the medical technician as she tightened up restraints on my wrists. “You’re a tough old bastard, ornery, but come on, work with me here, I’m trying to keep you alive.”

Pulling some reserve strength from the big toe of my left foot, I managed a few weak but desperate words to express my awe.

“Look who’s here!” I said while pointing one finger toward my feet.

“Better do what she tells you, Migizi,” said Aura, the young woman I saw in the woods where I crashed, “or she’ll zing you again with those electrified spatulas.”

Nine people, mashed together in a horseshoe formation, gawked at me with expressions suggesting I was a freak show attraction. Next to Aura sat Jovee, followed by Clay, and who could only be the rest of my buddy’s citizens. Ginx, Sheriff, Thorny, Mike, and His favorite Gal huddled together in the tight cabin of the mechanical bird. 

My mind betrayed any attempt at reason as I tried to tell myself they weren’t real. They were Clay’s illusions, cast members of a drama on stage within one man’s imagination. Blinking hard, I hoped to scrape the images from my lenses like bug guts from a windshield. To my dismay, they remained and added one more person to their number, my wife. Amnesia, not one to play favorites or be cajoled, denied my plea to be pals.

My heart, beating like over tightened bongos, energized me and I desperately tried to reach out to my partner, support, and cheerleader. Her eyes, bright and shiny with confidence, told me all would be okay. She touched my hand and intense burning took place beneath my tongue.

“Clay! I remember!” I cried out and lost consciousness.

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