Thursday, June 18, 2015

Unearthing Life

“Look, Migizi, can you see it? I just knew all my hopeful seeking would pay off someday. I’ve looked in over a hundred ant hills for one of these treasures.”

My eyes, hot and dry, tried to focus but failed. What she showed me was far too small for old man’s vision, vision that had seen death’s dark landscape only minutes before. Exhausted, my lids collapsed and I mumbled in pain.

“It’s a world stone, Migizi,” I heard Jovee say, “formed from microscopic elements of dead stars, moons, and even unseen things of the universe. Some of the old one’s call it a life stone because it heals, restores, and raises people from death.”

I heard but couldn’t respond. Consciousness was draining away again. I heard her speak, voice becoming increasingly quieter.

“You’re gonna die, Migizi, but you’ll live again. I’m putting the world stone under your tongue. Yup, the elders, the ancient ones, tell a story about ants. Gitcheh Manido, Great Creator, has assigned special ants a highly honored task, one involving mining. They push the world stone to the surface where those who seek it, find it. From death comes life, from nothing comes everything, and from loss comes the greatest gain. I am Jovial, my friends call me Jovee. Good bye, Migizi, my friend.”

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