Thursday, June 18, 2015

Facing Death’s Faces Part 2

Chapter 9: Post 1
Something akin to an electric shock kicked my body and spirit from the inside. It hurt so bad, and just when I had gone numb and took the first step of my “Walking-On Journey”. I breathed again and felt a bit of warmth in my veins. Eyes still closed, my mind sparked, fired, and offered an assessment and opinion. 

Heaven and death have conspired against you. Evidently set upon torturing, both mock your human frailty and deny you access either way.

“Migizi, don’t make me zap you again. Wake up!” said a girls voice.

Opening my eyes, my lids felt like they would cramp. Nope, they spasmed and fluttered a bit though. With enough energy to feel all my pain again, I snarled through clenched teeth at a Native-looking gal, age 12 or 13 maybe, squatting beside me. Her left hand was on the warped car door and her right hand was extending toward me.

Dressed in jeans, hiking boots, and a sleeveless sweat shirt, the little gal pulled her right hand back and fussed with one of two braided tails hanging in front of her shoulders. I noticed a screen print picture on her shirt, a portrayal of Christ smiling. Printed below it were the words, “I’m not the bad guy you think I am.”

“Why” I growled, “did you wake me up to feel all this pain again?” Who are you? Get me help.”

“I AM your help,” the girl said, “me and Jovee. Oh, and I’m Aura. Don’t say you forgot me, us, and use this wreck as an excuse. Maybe I should touch you again and put some zing in your memory.”

“Don’t touch me,” I whispered the best I could do with so little breath. 

Movement caught my eye. An emerald green Praying Mantis crawled up and over the girl’s shoulder. Its skin shimmered in the little ray of afternoon sunlight that pierced the forest canopy.

“Francis,” I moaned. “That’s Francis I think. But where’s Clay?”

Aura, cheeks dimpling from her pretty smile, stood up and backed away a few steps. Another Native girl, late teens I figured, was kneeling on the ground. Fascinated with something, she poked at a small mound of dirt with a stick.

Facing me, she was dressed almost identical to Aura except for a sweat shirt displaying the logo of Haskell, a college in Kansas. It triggered the memory of when I first encountered Clay after going to the Lower Peninsula. 

With a weak and gravelly voice I asked, “Jovee?” 

The young woman smiled without looking at me and nodded yes.

“Okay girl, do your thing,” said Aura to Jovee. “I need to catch up to Jay and see how he’s doing.”

“Alrighty sister, I’ll meet you guys later,” said Jovee.

Aura let Francis crawl into the palm of her hand, then, she winked at me and walked off.

My right leg felt as if being pounded repeatedly with a hammer. I didn’t want to look at it. My neck crunched each time I tried to move it and drove pitch forks into the base of my skull for the effort, pulled muscles no doubt.

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes, at last!” said Jovee, tossing her stick aside. 

Using pointer finger and thumb of her left hand, she tweezered something from the small hill of soil she’d been prodding.

“My spirit guide told me I’d find it here today,” said Jovee.

She stood, danced in a tight circle 4 times, said thank you, and came toward me with her find.

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