Saturday, June 13, 2015

Detour. Heaven Closed

“Whoa, Migizi, you’re gettin’ slow my ink-stained friend,” said Nob smelling my money, “smells like fudge made in hell, a hint sulfur gives it away.”

“Yah, yah, okay Nob. Guff me no more. I’ve lived a month in only 5 days down below.”

“Okay brother, but I gotta tell ya. Just got a report that Highway 2 East is backed up for 15 miles. Big wreck, people dead, same-o, different holiday. Every year the same. Pity. Up to you, but me, well I’d take the northern route.”

“Well dammit, I spose I will Nob. Besides, I can really dust the backwoods highway with the traffic and cops all hung up at the accident.”

“Yah, for sure. I went 90 mph on that booger a few times, prayin’ a critter wouldn’t step out. And, no phone towers or gas stops for miles. Better flow before ya go, Migizi. Hey, scram Sam, got a Yooper behind you.”

“Later Nob. Next time brother.”

I made a quick stop in St. Ignace to offload my bladder and was on my way. Big Nob was right about that route but for as many times as I took it, I rarely saw any animals. Eager to get home, I set the cruise control on 8o mph. My first destination would be the city of Marquette up on Lake Superior.

I was about 45 minutes away and heard my phone ding which meant I got a text message. Relieved it wouldn’t be Clay or Gal, I reached for it to see if it was my wife. It was almost 4:00 and she might have gotten out of work a little early. In the moment I looked away from the road and back again, a young man carrying a fishing rod and tackle box ran out into my lane. A large Black Bear was chasing him.

Swerving to miss the kid, I slammed into the bear which blew the car’s airbag. The force of it inflating knocked my hands from the wheel and blocked my view. The car fishtailed and went for the woods. The air bag deflated just in time for me to see a large tree greeting the front bumper. With no air bag available…BOOM!

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