Monday, June 22, 2015

Missing In Inaction

“He’s stable but in a coma Mrs. Thunder,” said the doctor while rubbing the back of her neck. “I’m a bit puzzled as to why. His injuries are not to blame. We’ve repaired the nicked artery in his compound-fractured right leg and his blood level is back to normal.”

Tapping my chart with the back of her hand, she continued her assessment. “There’s no head trauma or internal damage. The accident put a strain on his joints and pinched some nerves but again, not serious enough to cause a coma. Something else is going on.”

Rather amused, I hovered above my body near the ceiling watching and listening. I was getting used to the O.B.E. or out-of-body experience.

Brushing my hair with her hand, my wife Daisy smiled and commented.

“Doctor Radantmann, I’m a semi-retired DPN. I trust your judgment and I’m not worried. Is there anything else?”

“Well, he’s been through a lot today. It’s nearly midnight and I’m sure you’re tired but in the morning I want to do a thorough scan on him, head to toe, and see if anything turns up.”

“Sounds good to me doctor. I’m staying at the hotel next door. I’ll leave my contact information at the nurses’ station and be back in the morning.”

The doctor left and Daisy kissed my bruised forehead. I desperately wanted to hug her so I tried getting back into my body. Maybe I’d wake up and have control of my arms. I did a respectable breaststroke in the air but didn’t budge. My wife, grabbing her handbag, turned to leave. Looking right at me, she winked.

“Don’t get too comfortable up there. You’ve got a lot of explaining to do mister.”

I’d have filled my pants had I been wearing them.

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