Sunday, July 19, 2015

Thank You Reader!

Dear Reader and Blog Follower
The next two posts will be the last ones added to this blog and mark the break-off point in the story before the ending scenes, scenes that will only be available in a different format. I can hear you moaning. I would. Let me explain.

Though only a rough draft, I want to deter copyright violation of my work. Preferring safe over sorry and desiring to begin work on what is called an author platform, I’ve decided to offer the story’s ending to those who are willing to be included on an email list.

If you would like to read the rough-draft ending, please send your request to and include the email address you desire the file sent to. I will send you an email with attached file of the text. Your email address will be kept private.

Reading and following a rough-draft story in blog format is difficult to do. I took several risks in attempting it but I believe it was worth it. Without you, the project would be a bust. Your interest and support are immeasurably valuable to an upstart writer and author. Again, thank you for your interest.

Chi Megwetch! (Many Thanks!)

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