Monday, June 22, 2015

Dreaded Call

“Is this Daisy White Hawk-Thunder?” asked a state trooper of my wife.

“This is Daisy Thunder.”

“Mrs. Thunder, this is Sergeant Roy of the Michigan State Police. Your name is listed as spouse and emergency contact for Migizi A. Thunder. He’s been in a car accident and is in serious condition. He’s being flown to the hospital in Marquette at this time. We suggest you get there as soon as safely possible.”

“Was anyone else injured officer?”

“He was alone and no other cars were involved Mrs. Thunder. He was about an hour southeast of Marquette when he hit a bear and lost control of the vehicle. A patrolling car was contacted by dispatch about a 911 call coming in that was pinging from his location. That’s how we found him as quickly as we did.”

“Thank you Sergeant Roy. I have a long drive and better head out immediately. Good bye.”  

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