Thursday, July 2, 2015

Visitors Part Two

Chapter 10: Post 1
The wad of nerves in my brain, faulty wires according to Grandpa, was jostled by the information he shared. Like torn pieces of photographs, fragments of memory shuffled around until they formed a scene on the monitor of my mind.

Making no sense, it deviated from what I had come to see as accurate for many years. It reminded me of my wife when she finally received a requested item from her grandmother’s estate. Simple but ornate, the old woman’s sewing box was disappointing. Daisy’s childhood recollection saw it with fold out drawers when in fact it lacked them. Now it was my turn to have perception and reality challenged.

I recalled a small naming ceremony but thought it occurred in my house, wait, I mean my former house. Dammit! Clay, what about Clay’s house? When I saw myself about to head out for school during my coma-induced mental exercise, I was in Grandpa’s house, our house.

Mom died in that house? Spirit’s came upon me? What? 

Dazzling light, as if a camera flashed, exploded in my brain and I saw it projected in my eyes. A fractal, similar to a snowflake, grew longer and longer geometric spokes. Becoming too painful for me, I blanked out. Though conscious, my mind and body were numb and I was blind. White movie screens for eyes were all that remained for a few moments. Then, as if a projector turned on, I watched myself take the form of an eagle and fly out the window.

While flying higher and higher I thought, “Right on time. I suppose I’ve had a massive stroke or worse, an aneurysm. Well, the doctor said they did an MRI of your head. Maybe they suspected this as a consequent of the crash.”

With no sense of time, I finally reached a place where I experienced a vision within the one I was having. Yes, it was like dreaming about dreaming. I had no idea how long it lasted. It ended when I heard someone calling for me, barely audible, from far below. 

Telling myself I needed to remember all I’d seen, I soared toward it and passed through the yet-closed hospital window and into my body where I found it in a sleep-like state.

“Hey, ya heard me,” said a familiar voice. 

Fuzzy at first, the distinct and unmistakable image of Clay came into focus as I opened my eyes.

“Well, I’ll be d…” I started to say.

“NO! Don’t say that about you,” he interrupted. “You ain’t outta the woods yet, Ain’t It,” warned Clay.

“Okay then, but how…”

“Your wife called us about your crash, and the car wreck, too, heh heh. Drove all night. I still hate crossing that monster of a bridge but here I am, because you did it for me so many times. And, I been prayin’ for ya the whole time.”

Not yet 7:30, I was confused at my buddy visiting before official hours. 

Panic tried to grab my hospital gown and shake some sense into me. It was trying to say, “When are you going to react like a normal human and have a mental breakdown from all this? When will you stop acting as if what you are experiencing is okay? You are NOT okay. You haven’t been okay for many years.

Gulping hard, I swallowed the sensation down.

“Clay, is Gal here as well? She must have brought you.”

“She’s on her way up. She’s meetin’ with your wife shortly.”

“Hey Clay, what the hell happened to me at the river? Did I have another seizure or something and if so, why did you just up and leave me there to break camp?”

“Forget about all that Migizi. I don’t have much time.” 

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