Monday, July 6, 2015

Steady By Jerks

Life, using me as tool, instrument, or excuse, kept interjecting disruptions and made me think.
Why can’t I have some time to process all the questions I have or the ever-mounting pile of strange experiences? Every time I try to nail some reasoning down, something grabs the hammer from me.”

“What are you thinking about Ain’t It?” asked Daisy. “You’re drumming your right temple with your finger which means you are studying, plotting, or both.”

Sternness in my eyes, I rhetorically asked, “Did you just call me Ain’t It?”

“What? Don’t be silly honey, only Clay and Gal call you that. Are you okay, hungry? I bet you are. I’ll call the nurse and get a menu going.”

Daisy came to my bedside, smooched me on the cheek, and pressed the call button.

“Yes?” asked a female voice on the intercom speaker.

My wife requested the menu and glanced at her watch.

“Noon? That won’t do,” said Daisy, “he needs some breakfast or at least a snack. I’ll get him something from the vending machines or cafeteria for now.” 

“Dammit Daisy, hold still a sec,” I commanded. “What about Clay?”

“I told you dear, he’s in the hospital again and it doesn’t sound good. Frankly, according to your sparse words last week and his condition, I was amazed that Clay was causing you so much grief. I’ll be right back. I need a big cup of the mystery mud this place calls coffee. I’ll bring a snack back for you.”

“But, Daisy, what else…”

My wife grabbed her purse and was gone. Frustrated at her abrupt and uncharacteristic behavior, I smacked my broken leg without thinking.

“Son of a…” I started to shout but stopped as two uniformed people entered the room.

“Hello Mr. Thunder, remember us,” asked a state policeman and motioned to the young woman beside him.

“Hi. Wow, look at you,” said the woman. “It’s hard to believe you are the same man I attended to on the bird.”

Dreamy and fragmented, a momentary scene came to mind and I saw the flight medic’s face looking down at me but nothing else. I was a total blank about the policeman.

“Aaah, I kind of recall seeing you, McGrover,” I said while faking sincerity and eying her name badge.
“I wanted to see the miracle man,” she said, “couldn’t believe you made it. I’ve never seen a person live after losing so much blood. I swear your heart must be able to operate on air alone. Yesiree, when Officer Medetcher called me and gave me the update, I had to see you. Glad to see you doing so well. Take care sir; the copter is waiting for me on the pad.”
“Thank you for your efforts. I’m sure you are a big part of me remaining above the turf,” I told her.

She walked out and the officer leaned a large duffle bag beside the chair. 

“Here are some of your belongings Mr. Thunder. I took them from the car before the tow truck came. I have your wallet, phone, laptop computer, and notebook. I took a mental inventory of all that camp gear strewn around in the wreckage and warned the truck driver. It should all be with the vehicle for another day. I’ll give your wife the information.”

“Oh good,” I said, “You brought the most important items and thanks plenty. I have no memory of you but it’s obvious you showed up where I crashed. I hope my computer isn’t damaged. I have very important documents on it.”

“Let’s check it and then I’ve got to get to work,” he said.

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