Sunday, July 12, 2015

Home Bound Part 2

My wife went for my snack while Macy sought a wheelchair. Evidently, as eager to be rid of me as I was to go, the nurse almost jogged back into the room.
“Here we are, much easier to maneuver,” she said. “Get your butt in it and I’ll take you for your ‘dose’ as you call it.”
“Well,” says I, “Ole ‘Jumpy’ thought I was exposed to radiation and cripes, I was, by the fringin’ machine. Now he wants me to go get exposed to more.”

Grunting and groaning, I eased myself into the wheelchair and Macy took me for a spin.

“Here’s your sandwich,” said Daisy, meeting us near the nurses’ station. “You’re headed to 3rd floor so you’ll have time to eat. I’ll be here waiting.”

Thanking Nurse Macy for the grub, I ate quickly, got scanned, and was soon lying in the hospital bed. Tired and troubled with a vague feeling of dread, I looked at my wife in the recliner as she read an E-Book. 

“Look dear, it’s only noon and I’m as whipped as pie topping. Hope Doc Pei gets my film read quickly. Until then, I’m gonna try to nap, okay?”

“Alright Hon, go for it. Drink that water before you do. You need to hydrate.”

Being married to a nurse was bitter sweet. Then, again, marriage is. I chugged down my water, lowered the top half of the bed, and almost slept. Awareness, hopping into an elevator named consciousness, made it to 1st floor and was headed for 2nd when it clanked to a stop.

Piped in music, Native Flute, played softly as I pondered what to do. Stuck between being wakeful and asleep, I daydreamed of being at home with Daisy, sitting at my desk writing and completely free of stress until someone knocked on the den door of my mind. 

Opening the door and looking at dreamland, I was met by a horrifying creature, one I recognized from the vision-dream I had at the river. A big Black Bear with a Raven’s head wore a doctor’s white waist coat and stood there holding a folder.

“Sacrifice him,” said the beast.

 I shouted in response, “Who, why?!”

“Wake up,” someone said, so I did, gladly.

My wife, her hand on my shoulder, looked at me more amused than concerned. Dr. Jum Pei looked around her to me. 

“Who and why, what?” Daisy asked. “The doctor is here with your results.”

“Never mind my words Gal,” I said, still groggy. “Well doctor, can I leave today?”

Stepping up next to me, the neurologist patted my chart as if to assure it and me.

“Normal, completely normal Mr. Thunder. Maybe the film from your first scan was defective. Your Dandelion of light has taken to the wind it seems,” he concluded with a toothy grin.

“But can I get the hell outta here today?” I asked. It was my turn to wave humor away.

“Yes, yes, of course,” said the doctor. “I’ll give my approval to Dr. Radantmann.”

Turning to Daisy who had sat down, the small-bodied shaman from elsewhere on the globe gave her parting words.

“Very mystifying, your husband’s recovery rate. Are you a praying woman per chance?”

“In a way, yes, I am doctor,” said Daisy.

“Keep it up,” said Dr. Jumpy as he left the room.

“Yes!” I said. “I’m out of here, Sweety.”

“Which is it, Sweety or Gal?” asked Daisy.

Oh no. What the hell?” I thought. 

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