Thursday, July 2, 2015

Visitors Part Three

“What the hell’s your hurry Clay?”

Avoiding an answer, Clay quizzed me. 

“You had some visions didn’t you, Migizi? What did ya think of that floating grain of wild rice, the one made of crystal and filled with light? And, how ‘bout that Eagle, scary hunh?”

Measuring a slight increase in my inner tempo, the heart rate monitor next to me dinged twice and stopped.

“What? You mean you’ve seen it, too, Clay?” 

Clay, scoffing with a slight smirk, remarked.

“Well yah, of course. And look at you, gettin’ more and more traditional in your old age with visions and dreams, heck, even a sweat lodge last week.”

The reference to time grounded me briefly and I was grateful for the reprieve.

“I know it’s only been a day, Ain’t It, but you had any other visitors?” asked Clay, a twinkle in his eyes.

“The nurses said Daisy was here while I was in a little coma.” 

I intentionally kept silent about seeing the ghost of my grandpa.

“Didn’t know those things come in different sizes,” says Clay, “and what about leaving the planet as Eagle? 

Did Gitcheh Migizi Manido give you the talk?”

“Cripes Clay, has everyone but me had these visions? Yes, I guess it was Great Eagle Spirit who showed me earth from space and schooled me some about the nature of life. Yah, I had that vision just before you started calling to me from here.”

“Let’s compare notes. You start, Migizi.”

The catheter in me burned and itched as I felt my bladder drain. I took a sip of room-temp water and indulged my brother.

“Well, I became an eagle and flew out the window. I saw a dawn-painted sky of purple, orange, red, and yellow. It meant far more than I’d ever expect. It transcended mere natural beauty and revealed spiritual glory.”

“Yah, yah, sounds about right. Carry on young man,” said Clay.

I adjusted my bed upward with the controller and made my busted leg sing soprano.

“Okay, yah, so this huge Eagle escorted me higher and higher until reaching the first level of heaven. The earth rotated slowly within a bubble of ever-changing light. Countless threads of silver light streaked to and from the planet like shooting stars. Childlike wonder overcame me and forced me to speak through my thoughts.”

“Who are you?” I asked Great Eagle Spirit. 

“Let me take the part of Gitcheh Migizi Manido,” said Clay.
You know who I am. We’ve argued for many years although I didn’t participate. You thought I did and made up words you said were mine. I patiently listened and awaited the fullness of time, something few humans are capable of doing.

“Am I right?” asked Clay, “and how’d you feel about that?”

“Embarrassed but not ashamed and yes, you are right. That’s exactly what was said. Then, I was told this.”
It is fine little brother. I’m not offended. I enjoy your humanity and take pleasure in your efforts to avoid me, still a sign of acknowledgement and respect. You must go soon. This is a special time so use it well.

“Did ya see the colors Ain’t It? They are most important I think.”

“Yup, I saw them Clay. Shadows of dark blue, purple, and pure black streaked here and there over the face of the earth. Slithering like a snake, wherever they moved the strands of brilliant light were severed and would recoil toward the higher levels of heaven for a moment but straighten back out and re-attach elsewhere to the planet.”

“What are the shadows about? What are they doing?” I asked Great Migizi.

“Okay let me,” said Clay.
They are elements from another realm sent to challenge Me. Similar to life stones; they too are tiny particles of anti-life. Humans call them death for, indeed, they separate life from its co-host. These stones, intent on severing relationship, destroy by absorbing, stealing, or hiding light and worse, they replace true light with a counterfeit. Most humans lack the ability to discern one form of light from the other and die thinking they are alive when they have only lived in a light cloaked in darkness. You, my son, know this by experiencing it.

“Yes, Clay, that is exactly what was said.”

“Anything else?” asked Clay.

“Yup, told me to deal with discernment of light and dark, death and life, and to help others do the same by first starting with myself, whatever that meant.”

“Yah, that’s the message. Uh oh, gotta go,” said Clay, “times up brother. Oh, and say hi to grandpa if you see him again.”

And Clay, the turd, went out the door.

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