Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sweating Clay: Part Two

A pause lasting a couple minutes made me very self conscious until I was addressed.

“I’m known as Sheriff because many consider me a culture cop,” said the voice.

The other guys snickered.

“Well, that and I have the spiritual duty of seeing to the needs of justice, truth, and fairness. The friend I refer to is a spirit named Ginx. I believe they spoke to you today. You have likely been the target of deception or perhaps tempted to abandon something important.”

“What the hell? How do you know this? I asked Sheriff, my voice tense and straining. “Now look, I don’t think I like this stuff and should go. I have a true friend who’s gone missing and I need to find him.”

“Migizi, your friend is not missing. Now this other friend, Ginx, that’s who you need to be most concerned about.”

I heard Clay’s voice coming through this guy named Sheriff. It made sense of the statement about Clay not missing so I relaxed and played along.

“Sheriff is it? Why would I consider this Ginx to be a friend if they are deceptive? Besides, how do you know these things?”

I wanted to speak to the other guys in there but what difference would it make if I did?  Native folk can be funny and evasive about direct questions.

“Hmm, you ask lots of questions? Why is that Migizi? Think about that but for now I say this. Spiritual people, seers, are sometimes granted knowledge of things hidden to scoffers. About Ginx, well, Ginx is a spirit.”

“Hisssss,” said the steam as if heckling.

 “Migizi, spirits are either helpers or destroyers, are of light or dark. Ginx serves light by using trickery. Oh, and a spirit has no gender so can portray either according to what serves their purpose best.”

I thought of Clay and those Lady Bugs and wondered what creature was friend to ole Sheriff. I remained a bit smug and pressed things further.

“So Sheriff, how was Ginx being helpful, according to your inside information that is?”

“Easy, you mean you don’t know? You know but you’re testing me aren’t you? Ha, same ole Migizi.”

The other guys chuckled. There it was again about the testing.

Flustered, I asked, “Hey now, why do I keep hearing that, that I’m testing people? And why can’t I get a straight out answer dammit all?”

Outright laughter erupted. Outside, the fire keeper choked back a laugh at my expense. I was a gnat’s pube from busting out of the lodge but Clay spoke up.

“You’re alright brother, making us think and laugh like you do. We’re glad you’re back here visiting and didn’t use Ginx as reason to leave so soon. Well, I guess we’re done here for now. Chi Meegwetch, many thanks Migizi for honoring us. Goodnight.”

The flap opened and I climbed out. Wiping sweat away, I hoped the mystification I felt would go with it. Cool night air felt icy cold against hot skin. The attendant handed me my cloths and I dressed while watching for the others to leave.

“Migizi? You there? Hey, I waited till you’s elders were done Uncle.”

It was the message boy from earlier.

“Yes. What’s up?” I said slipping into my loafers.

“Auntie wants you. Came looking for you at the campground. Told her I brought you here. Okay?”

“Yes, okay, but Auntie who?”

“She didn’t say,” said the kid.

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