Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lest One Fall

Still gloating in perceived victory from a debate with Sheriff, suspense slapped its hand over my mouth. Breathless, I waiting to see which spirit might emerge wearing Clay’s face.

The fire crackled with applause for a symphony of insects whose tempo increases while daylight drifted away. Clay didn’t blink.

Taking a gulp of air, I coughed my bud into fully phasing. His eyes, warming and moistening, looked to me and the act jostled a smile loose.

“What were you saying, Ain’t It? I blanked out for a bit.” Clay stood and stretched. “Aw shoots, who was it this time Migizi?”

Smugness tapped me on the shoulder as I remembered my rant and pride egged me on. I sat down and took a drink of warm pop so it wouldn’t be so obvious then answered.

“It was Sheriff, brother. I got into it with him when he took a nasty tone with me. But, I think he was okay at the end. And thus far pal, I have little in my notes for your eulogy. I find no helpfulness in what these spirit citizens of yours have shared. I regret going along with your plan.”

Wrinkles on Clay’s forehead huddled for discussion over my statement.

“So you wish I was back on that dope hunh, Migizi, to duck tape the mouths of the personuva-guns lippin’ off at ya. They’ll still be here in my gourd for me to negotiate with but at least you’ll be free of them.”

“Clay, that isn’t it. I just don’t see how it’s accomplishing what you wanted. They seem more deceptive and vague than anything. I simply prefer good ole Clay stay around and chat, bullshit and the like, talk about the highlights of your life.”

Big bullfrogs got into a bellowing contest by the water. Clay got up and brought the lanterns by us. They’d need lighting soon. It was a bit warm to be in a small tent so I hoped to stay up late conversing with Clay. I wanted to make up lost time. My buddy resurrected the fire from a coal the size of a dime and sat down.

“Ain’t It, it doesn’t matter. I ditched the drug so whatever happens, well, it happens. Let’s try to do what you said as long as we can before another hijacking happens. Ask me somethun to get me started.”

I swapped empty bottle with full, poked the fire for good measure, and went for it. I asked for an answer to a long held mystery for me, the history and story behind His Favorite Gal. Through the years, Clay and Gal refused answering and took pleasure in annoying me with the secret. This was the perfect time at last. I already had one victory and another would be great before bed.

“Take heed…” said a voice in my head, conscience I presumed. I didn’t listen.

“Come on brother, share the story of Gal’s name and tell about why you are still together,” I urged.

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