Friday, May 29, 2015

His Favorite Gal -with a twist and jab-

                                                                           Part Two
Grinning wildly, my dramatic friend plunked down hard in his chair and slapped his thigh.

“There ya go, in a shells nut Ain’t It, the story of her name.”

Clay finished his pop and tossed the bottle in the general direction of a growing pile.

“Well?” I asked.
“Well what man?” That’s it. Clay got up and added wood to the fire.

Typically, I enjoyed a full moon’s presence at camp. This time differed. It glared at me harshly as a judge and unsettled me. Tension in my head, jabbing a knowing and telling finger into my mind, provoked me. I pushed back and it ceased.

“Clay, that’s just a tiny part of what I’m after. Tell me about her spirit, heart, and mind. Tell me what she treasures and is willing to fight for, besides you, that is. What makes her unique and special?”

Clay got up again and emptied spent coffee grounds at the edge of the fire. They smelled like musty memories as they burned.

“Don’t get your boxers in a wad. I’ll tell ya more but it requires another pot of coffee.”

A cloud, acting as my defense attorney, ran a block on the judging moon so Clay turned up the lights before sitting. The air, cooling nicely, offered nice sleeping bag comfort for later but nothing for the feeling tip-toeing around my spirit. I also feared another shift by Clay.

“Alrighty Migizi, I’ll go for the one thing that colors her through and through but with a warning.”

“Why should I be warned brother?”

“With your feelings about tradition and spirituality…” Clay crossed his arms and another moth became intoxicated with lantern light. “Yah, you might go bonkers like that moth there.”

“Clay, please, before midnight already.”

Clay looked to the moon and back at me. The cloud, my lawyer, was in contempt of the moon’s court and ousted.

“Gal descends from a long line of medicine people, all from her mom’s side. You know, Midehwins. At age 15, under her ma’s wing, she was accepted into the Sacred Lodge as a ‘hopeful’ and spose to follow in the moc’s of her ancestors. Her mom gave up the society at 3rd level. After years of effort and proving, Gal also gave it up, 2nd level for her. Still wanna hear more? We can stop here and talk other stuff. Yah, let’s do that.”

Clay sniffed the air and whistled. “Coffee is soup so it’s on.”

Short hairs on my neck, stiff with paranoia, tried hiding from the moon.

“Dammit Clay, gimme some of that pot cleaner in a cup and tell me more.”

“You were warned.” He handed me my coffee, sat, and resumed.

“She gave it up for one reason, same as her mom, evil. The more gifted she got the more evil she saw, yup, saw it everywhere workin’ its deception, delusion, and destruction. Also saw the sacred battling against it. Said it wore her out just watching and feeling it.”

Clay paused, chewed his lower lip, and shook his head no and then yes.

“Okay, I’ll tell him but he ain’t gonna like it.”

“Who won’t like it Clay? Who you taking orders from?”

“Gal says that you got some serious bad medicine, curse like, tearing you to into 6 pieces. That’s why she stays so close to me, to protect me from you.”

Blinding pain stabbed my spirit and I collapsed.

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