Monday, May 4, 2015

Pawned and Denied

Chapter 6: Post 1

“Hon, you there?” asked my wife.

“Yes love, I’m here. I’m in a bit of quandary with your news. I was heading home when I got your text. Hell, I just got on northbound I-75. Been on the road for 2 hours already. Where are you?”

“I’m about 5 miles from Baraga. What’s wrong? Why are you on your way home?”

Feeling short of breath from mental suffocation, I sighed while considering the best way to answer. Momentary relief from escaping Clay’s dilemma was denied by my well meaning wife. Whatever I said would be tainted with insincerity if I tried preserving ego. And, honesty would reveal my struggle with being a mega-wuss and selfish jerk.

“Well dear, I take it you never left a message with Clay saying you were sick and preferring me home.” 

“Oh, I see,” said my wife. “Clay is trying to be rid of you.”

“Something like that,” I said.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked. “Will my being there create added stress for you? You want me to head back home?”

“No, no, you deserve a break and to enjoy the holiday. It won’t be a problem,” I replied with a lie. “I’ll head on back and visit ole Clay. After all, I owe him, even when he’s being an asshole.”

“Okay, great. I’ll keep coming. Isn’t it gorgeous weather honey? Well, except it makes my allergies flare up. I’m going to stop at a friend’s house and spend the night. I’ll see you around noon tomorrow. Love you, bye.”

“Love you too, bye,” I said, and ended the call.

I felt like a pawn in some twisted game of fate. I got played by one of Clay’s personas, I was sure of it. Then my wife played me with no idea of doing so. Some part of me was sold out, to be accurate, got pawned as well as played.

I was about to start the car and return to Clay’s when I got a call. The assigned ring tone let me know it was Clay’s home phone mysteriously returned to life. I wanted to let it go to voice mail but answered it.

“This Ain’t It?” asked His Favorite Gal.

“Well yes, of course. What’s up and where the hell you been? Is Clay the dirty bastard there?”

“Is this Ain’t It or I mean Migizi?” she asked again while disregarding my questions.

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Where the hell are ya Migizi? I stopped by to check on you’s guys and nobody was here but the house was all open. I checked the Pow-Wow and couldn’t find ya’s.”

“Gal, it’s a long story but I was heading home thanks to Clay or one of his damned-able spirits. Dammit all, I’m all the way to I-75. I see his phone’s working now.”

“Yah, I’m talking on it. I had ta plug it all the way in. The wire was loose. So Clay is run off is he? I was afraid this idea of goin’ with no pills might not work out. So you comin’ back?”

“I’m on my way Gal.  It will be twilight by the time I roll back in but I’ll search for Clay unless he comes back first. Call me if he does. You’ll be there a while, right?”

“I spose so. I might go to the store. You guys are getting’ low on coffee and a few other things. And besides…”

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