Thursday, April 9, 2015


I eased my near-to-cramping ass into the chair. A wet spot of drool formed on Clay’s shirt. A wrinkled face couldn’t hide a wounded child’s spirit trapped beneath his skin. I imagined Clay dead and it pissed me off.

“It isn’t right His favorite Gal. The man has never had a break, well, none but you. I don’t count, worthless as I feel. I’m not sure how you can help. You’ve already done plenty.”

Gal had a glow about her; divine looking to someone believing in it. Her smile was gentle but clothed in strength.

“Okay now Ain’t It, what was the plan besides allowin’ them citizens of his free travel? Clay have some idea about how he wanted to do this thing? I bet he did. He’s always gots opinions.”

Roach, depressed or bored, disappeared over the edge of the table. I drank up cold coffee while trying to remember all we talked about.
“Yes, I remember now. He wanted to start his story way back to before we met. I bitched about it so he whittled it down to me learning the story of his name. I don’t suppose you know it? Hearing it will get my brain on track and give me something to aim for, something better than looking at Clay’s yellowing skin or worrying about his internal squatters.”

The spider, Toby, made a brief appearance as I waited for Gal to answer. Slowly, Toby crept up toward Clay and danced a little, crow hop I think. Toby gave up and left when he discovered Clay sleeping.
Gal got up and went about making more coffee but responded with her back turned to me.

“Yah, I know it Ain’t It. Surprised you don’t. So anyways, I’ll tell ya but answer me this. When I asked ya about Aura and getting zapped you gave have an answer then put the blame on Clay’s back. Lookit, he’s trashed from being off meds, entertaining you, and wranglin’ those God awful spirits.”

Feeling lower than a worm’s ass and melting into the chair, I listened to the coffee maker getting worked up and I did same. Gal sat back down and kept on me. The left side of my face warmed from laser like eyes scolding me.

 “Can’t defend his self and yet you blame him. Kinda cowardly don’t ya think? So yah, there’s that but answer the question I asked before, about Aura and what she did to ya.”

Nervous, I coughed and wondered how old a person had to be to no longer feel ashamed or like a kid getting interrogated and punished. Attempting diversion, I addressed my question to His Favorite gal.

“Hey now Gal, I’m about being an old man now. Am I not beyond scolding at this point?”

Her eyes sparked and her mouth dropped open. She reloaded with a long slow inhale and I braced for the blast. Before the bomb detonated she looked at Clay and let the breath go.

“Ain’t It, I’m ten years younger than you’s two so I’ll remember our tradition and how I need to honor my elders. BUT, the love I have for this man over here, dang it all, well, it carries more power than old rules. So, I’m tellin’ ya. You, especially you, prove that one can never be too damned old to act the selfish child and be told so. Now answer me or you ain’t gettin’ the story.”
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