Sunday, April 26, 2015

Something Sneaky

“Tap, tap, testing. One little, two little, three little…Aay…ha! Come on dancers it’s time,” said the announcer. “Let’s Pow-Wow.”

Squatting down, I showed the shell to Clay. The look remained but a slight smile joined in. Anxiety slithered up my spine as I waited for a response.

Boom, boom, boom. The host drum readied for grand entry and I worried about being able chat over the sound.

“Hey, you look worried. What’s up?” asked Clay.

I sighed. Anxiety slipped down my back to become a belt of tension around my waist.
“Well Clay, I lost you for a while and met Thorny and his side kick. Buddy, can we go back to the house for while? I’m not feeling so good.”

Clay got to his feet and started walking for home and I happily joined him. As grand entry hit full stride the drum echoed for what seemed forever. I imagined it meeting with past sounds of countless celebrations and ceremonies traveling forward to the present moment. 

Listening intently, I heard something else. I detected deep and sorrowful weeping in the spirit realm such as accompanies great loss. I noted the irony of our departure coinciding with grand entry and it saddened me. We were disconnecting not joining our community.

“So Thorny came a visitin’ and brought someone along. Cripes, not another one. I barely got room in my noggin now,” said Clay.

His comment barely budged the melancholy walking next to me. I sensed death sneaking around like it had the day my mother died. I remember it tapping on my bedroom door and waking me before heading to the hospital with my dad. I knew her spirit was gone but her body hadn’t caught up. We got there in time to see my mother took her final seven breaths.

“Migizi, you with me? Boy, I guess you’re feelin’ pretty cruddy to be so quiet, you being the word guy and all.”

“Hunh? Sorry brother. I’m not physically ill. It’s more a spirit thing. I’m sure I’ll snap out of it. Oh, and on the sidekick thing involving Thorny. It isn’t another spirit or persona. It was a honey bee called JuJu.”

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