Thursday, April 9, 2015

Loose Thread

Clay put his finger up to Francis who climbed on. My bud stood and took the mantis to the big cedar and let him off on its bark.

“C’mon Ain’t It, been a long day and my legs feel shaky like I danced or somethun.”

“Yah Clay, you did. Me too, man.  We’re gonna pay dearly for it tomorrow. I hope you got plenty of geezer cream to smear on sore muscles.”

Trudging for home the sound of the drum faded into whispered echoes. The smell of smoky deep fryers clung to our hair as our shuffling feet walked up the driveway and entered Clay’s house. Fresh coffee offered it’s aroma as an option, one gladly chosen. His Favorite Gal was back and the roach scouted the tabletop for meal remnants.

“Jeez you ole duffers, ya’s look pretty pooped,” said Gal. Wiping her hands on a towel she chapped on us. “Where you guys been off ta? And thanks for leaving the job to me, yah, of grindin’ up baloney for sandwich spread before it grew moss in the bowl.”

Clay sat down with a little groan and I did the same.

“Pow-Wow hon,” said Clay. “I guess we danced, well, according to Ain’t It anyways.”

Pouring our coffee, Gal looked a bit concerned. “What we Wheel Boy?”

Clay scratched his head above his right ear. “Aura took me for a spin. She put her whammy on Ain’t It and he danced too.”

Slurping my coffee I kept my eyes on Roach while attempting a play at ignorance.

“Okay Ain’t It, what’s the story?” asked Gal joining us for coffee. “I leave you’s guys alone for a day or so and everything goes ass-ways.”

A look of disapproval on its face, Roach crossed its front legs in front of its chest.

“Man oh man Gal, we made a plan that involved Clay not taking his pills. Figured if I was going to do my brother’s life proud I needed his full story. Well, we also figured it necessary to involve these people or personas of his since they have a big say in things anymore. But dammit, I think maybe I wrote a check my brain can’t cash.”

Gal shook her head. “Yah, well what did I say about plans and God? So you met Aura and she zinged ya. What ya think of that?”

Clay’s chin snuggled against his chest and he began snoring, poor booger.

“Crazy stuff that was,” I said with a puzzled expression. “Gal, that Aura, wow, kinda creepy you know. She, I mean Clay, dammit all!”

Frustrated, I stood, paced, and ranted.

“She knows things about me, hidden things, things Clay doesn’t know. Makes me wonder, maybe there is such a thing as possession by spirits and such. I felt my soul start coming apart. Yes, she tugged on a loose thread and started it all. This situation is messy, his messiest yet. Then there’s the dying part of it. Gal, I can’t get that sliver from my heart. It’s jabbed in too deep.”

Roach was at the edge of the table staring at me. I think it pitied me when it saw a couple tears scurry down my right cheek. They burned like acid.

“Sit down Migizi, at least take some burden from your dance wearied feet. No point adding that to what you carry in your spirit. Can I help?”

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