Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Failed Side Stepping

Roach turned and looked at me as if wanting to hear about the grand plan, one I didn’t have. My moistening palms were evidence of mental foreplay. Putting cup to lips, I took in a big gulp and swallowed hard. It burned all the way to my stomach but I didn’t let on.
“Ah, well, you said you needed your story told and wanted me to officiate your memorial service right Clay?”

I was hoping to buy time and see how lucid my buddy was. Clay, rubbing his chin in thought, seemed confused and lost but recovered.

“Yah, that’s what I said the other afternoon, nothin’s changed, what’s the plan Ain't It?”

“Hold up a sec dude," I says. "Something has changed and it matters to the plan. Back to your citizens; you claim they are real and not just voices.” Clay nodded. “Those are new, new to me brother. I met one already and it was freaky, not the persona but the fact that it was you and not you. This new disorder of yours totally messes up the plan.”

Frustration and disappointment joined to do a snake dance that weaved through His Favorite Gal’s mind. Sitting down, she folded her arms defensively and scowled at me.Calling my bluff, Clay chimed in.
“Just hold on Migizi,” stated my friend assertively.

I noted the use of my proper name and Clay’s serious tone.

“Tell me the original plan," Clay said. "Maybe the three of us can noodle on this kink and fix it.”

Dammit. He had me back in muck and I was stuck fast, yep, mired in Clay. Standing quickly, the chair skidded backwards and scared the roach from his treat. I walked around in a couple tight circles and saw His Favorite Gal displaying a knowing but shit-eatin’ grin. Inspiration arrived non too soon and I shared.

“I wanna write a book about you Clay. I don’t want to limit telling your story to those who show up for your service. Why not share it with others? People can benefit from your experience and struggles, shit man, your survival.”

Clay and Gal seemed amused, pleased, so I plowed forward while taking my seat again.

“And news flash pal; those persona's can only say what you know. If it’s interesting, it’s yours. But, the way I planned to go about it depended on interviewing you. If the others from your so-called nation show up, they derail the train dude. See what I’m saying?”  

The roach returned, came over to my cup, and looked at me. I swear the little bastard shook his head at me as if saying, “Between your bull and the cookie I’ll take your crap because there’s so much more.”

A wad of tension sat heavy in my gut. Aggravating guilt poked it hard with a stick. Was I bailing? I kept my eyes down and listened as Clay cleared his throat.

“It appears you got it all figured out and settled Ain’t It. Yah, the deal is off maybe eh, and I have screwed myself right into the ground maybe. My messed up brain has finally won hunh Ain’t It. Yup, so it seems.”

The look returned to Clay’s twinkling eyes and I was had. He was being an ass.

“Yah, Aint It, I got it figured out,” said my buddy, sneering. “I see what you were up to.”