Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Clay Silver Otter: Dead Man Falling

Just before the trigger of my shotgun clicked and my brains went for a ride, I heard a mild grunt come from somewhere above me in the dark. A split second later a flash of blinding red spots appeared in my vision as an explosion went off next to my head. Getting slammed by a falling human body has a unique way of jarring ones senses, yes, like hitting your head on ice during a fall. 

A failed suicide attempt had ruined my own when above me, a young guy’s rope, one intended to hang him, came untied and he fell on me. What were the odds? A couple of fourteen year old native boys showed up at the same place to end it all and within minutes of each other no less.

A tooth took flight as the collision knocked the shotgun barrel from my mouth. The mayhem also busted my trigger toe, my big one, in the process. Those spots in my eyes faded as I blinked at them in Morse code. The taste of blood aroused my tongue which had already begun poking at the newly made gap in my lower teeth.

A warm lanky body lay across my chest, not very heavy when resting. Add some gravity and a ten foot drop and it felt like a gorilla attacking. The body moved with a groan which energized me plenty. Like a sprung mouse trap I flipped upright and rolled the thing from me while yelling, “What the hell?”

The throbbing of my toe synched up with the surging and rhythmic ringing in my left ear, an ear nearly removed by the shotgun blast. Not that it mattered because I clearly heard yelling from a nearby home some fifty yards away.